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Management Consulting Success Stories

Shipping Boxes

Digital Acceleration

Developed new recuring revenue streams (Saas, AAR, services) vs. 1-time HW at

leading $Bln OEMs (ideation, development, launch, and commercial operation)

Quick Sync

New Digital Businesses

Drafted and Executed Online Strategy from Scratch for Tier 1 OEMs in B2B and B2C 

Developed new e-Commerce revenue streams for leading $Bln firm

Working Together

Transformation & Scale-Up

Accelerated time to market from 3 years to 1 year across a $Bln business, 100s of Product Managers and R&D Engineers

Designed and implemented new E2E global organizations (strategy, marketing, sales, product management, R&D)

Partner with world-class organizations in Leadership transformation &Talent Development

Robotics Engineers

IOT, AI and New Services

Launched new product offerings using data, Analytics, IOT Sensors, and embedding AI in new products and customer support teams. Developed new streams of recurring revenues

(ARR SW and Services)

Light Trail

Customer & Market FIRST

Embedded backward innovation process, starting with customer 1st & growth mindset.

Created a new $Bln business unit focusing on outcomes 

Green Buildings

Strategy, Organic growth, Tech Disruption, M&A

Strategy development and M&A at Tier 1 (investment and divestment)

Award-winning new Ecosystem developments and Commercialization at three $Bln Fortune 500.

Portfolio capability development incl, IOT, wireless, AI

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